Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just got some new movies on my laptop. A friend gave me 'derailed' and i regret ever checking that movie out. i regret ever clicking on that file just to check out the kind of movie it is. Just like me to encounter a rape scene on the very first scene.
I hate rape scenes, i hate the very idea of rape, i hate reading about it, hate seeing its pictures let alone watching movies about it as if i were witnessing the very act. In this scene were a couple and a thief i think. He had a gun and in the end forced himself on the girl while the man laid battered and bruised after a failed attempt to defend his woman's honor.
And all the while this was happening, i stared frozen at my computer, unable to stop the scene, watching transfixed as the scene unfolded before my very eyes. at the back of my mind was the thought, something is going to happen, someone is going to burst through that door and save her. The useless companion was going to shake off his minute wounds, get the hell up and haul the heaving body of the violator off the woman. I had the same thought the first time i read a Danielle steel novel unable to stop as i kept picturing the once white blood stained rug where the event transpired. i thought the same in the kite runner when that little boy was raped by boys of his age group no less and Amir, the protagonist watched helplessly. In that moment, i hated amir, i hated all the bad people who stand by and watch bad things happen. i cried my eyes out, droplets of tears splattering the pages of the book. it would seem silly i cried over a book but in my heart i knew it was happening at that moment somewhere in the world and in all these examples, nothing was done, no hero came at the last minute to save any of them. Daily the rape happens, no one saves them.
I'm guilty of having more than my share of bad thoughts. what if, i pictured myself in that situation where my husband watches my body being violated, what kind of man would do that. No matter how hurt he is, shouldn't he get his ass up and save his wife even at the cost of death. isn't that honor?
And the stupid girl in the movie {played by jennifer Aniston} God knows what the both of them were up to before the rapist got in[definitely not checking again] but she was half naked and the stupid girl sat down stupidly all exposed as the armed robber stole their wallet. Hello, how dumb can anyone be with a lacy lingerie exposing your breasts before a stranger, no less a armed robber, Think he was effing gay? i'm telling myself to calm down it's only a movie but the director just takes the cake,is he trying to insult my intelligence by subtly implying that the rapee sought to tempt the rapist with a flash of her succulent breasts. seriously?
Anyways i'm staying away from all movies about sexual abuse( hated precious so much!!)
I know that it's happening around the world but i really dont want to be reminded all the time especially by self serving hypocritical hollywood people. if they cannot make movies about smiling rainbows, never land and fairies. they should hold there side and i'd make do with disney channel. Life is too hard to watch movies about the real world.