Monday, August 17, 2009

Of pain or cheating.

After being photographically anonymous on facebook for about six months, i finally gather the courage to upload my picture and thus begins the legend of the one who like me!
Thursday; i chat with this guy who saw me on flixster, decided my name sounded funny and added me as a friend.I thought he was boring at first and almost ditched him but somehow we ended up on messenger.
P.S; He gave me his number, told him i''d call. i may
Friday; He sends me a message.' i don't bite, call me' I smile and text him back. i check his profile, I'm 'good friends' on his movie compatibility.
Saturday; i spent learning how to swim[i'm still scared of drowning]. Met my primary school classmate on facebook. it's been twelve years he says. i know. We have a funny history together. i can't help laughing as i remember.
Sunday; i decide to call. Cowardly me, hides my number to be sure he's not a crazy. Nice voice, doesnt séem schizophrenic even if weird. He has my taste in books and movies, we flow well. he asks for my number. I'm thinking about it, I say.
Monday; My poor boyfriend has been on call for two days, calls me in the afternoon.'Thanks for calling'he says though he's teasing but i'm acting all guilty and i tell him jokingly about my new boyfriend on facebook. He laughs through the phone. 'Tell him my boys will arrange him' He says and i laugh. i wonder if he believes me or doesn't care. sometimes, i hate that he doesn't get jealous, I wonder what he'd say if he knows i'm single on facebook!
Now there are two thoughts in my head. Change my single status to 'In a relationship' But, i really hate boxes OR
it's just harmless flirting, i'm networking. really!
Then two counter thoughts.1] If i do change my relationship status,then i run the risk of perpetually changing status for each subsequent breakup.But flirting is never static but dynamic and i actually love boyfy.
So, i read somewhere the definition of being unfaithful and it says that being unfaithful is the act of engaging in sexual relations with someone other than your regular partner OR thoughts of engaging in sexual relations with someone other than your partner. Technically, this means that cheating is an actual or potential act of unfaithfulness which is similar to 'pain' a response to actual or potential tissue damage .
Newton's first law states that for every action, there's an equal and opposite force of reaction
Hence Flirting->p unfaithfulness->p heart break. Where p= constant pain.
But would it count that i'm not actually sleeping or thinking of sleeping with anyone? i guess not. In the world of maths, you're either A or B. And where do i fall? still trying to figure it out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Some how i have been unable to write these past days
Somehow, it's not all my fault
i have been a sporadic blogger, i admit.
To my new blog followers, thank you.