Thursday, October 1, 2009


I should begin by listing all the people i blame. i'll start with ASUU for their silly strike action. Not that i'm complaining much but, what's the game plan now huh? The last i heard of the president, he was in Saudi Arabia having lunch with the king .
News flash; He doesn't care, what u gonna do now huh?
Anyways, i should be happy, while my mates are sweating out, waiting for ASUU to call off the strike, i'm supposedly having fun all the way across the world in God's own country(what they call it anyway) And from the day i've left the shores of my beloved naija, it seems i've left with thousands of ill will and jealousy of my fellow students who have nowhere but school to sweat out the wait. Seriously, one came out and said it 'Asuu would soon call off this strike, i promise' Not on ur life sweetie, at least not until i'm done with my break. i talked to God about this!

So, it seems i've been cursed by these so called friends because i seem to encounter the bad side of every black person i meet and i'm not kidding.
It started with the girl i sat with on my stopover to London. she got the window seat, i got the aisle. 'Please stand up' she says. she wants to pick some things in her luggage before stowing it. I smile and say okay. she sits and keeps her heavier handbag on the empty middle seat. i hate aisle, especially the tall white guy who hits me while stumbling to the bathroom. So, i explain why she should move her bag so i can sit in the middle seat.
'But i want to put my bag on the seat.'
'no, you're supposed to put it under your seat.' We go on and on but its no use reasoning with her so i keep quiet. 'You're angry' she says. Genius! i'm thinking. Then she goes on and on about why i should remain on my seat while her bag gets the middle seat until take off. ' I'll carry it when the plane takes off' she says and i smile tightly.
Naturally, after take off i decided to stick to my own seat and so began our word banter.' you're angry' 'no, i'm not'. we finally decided none of us was angry. one hour into the flight, she offered me Chewing gum. i smile as usual and say thank you even though in my head i'm thinking. Did that heifer just offer me gum?It took a nasty foul mouthed black girl and a short sad black man with a hate towards all 'green card carrying immigrants' [his exact words] for me to discover the chewing gum girl was by far the nicest. which is why i laugh ironically when i see the 'God's own country slogan' on a one dollar bill.Hah hah!
And here's wishing a very happy 49th birthday to my birthday mate and country, NIGERIA. I really miss you and hope you get better soon, this generation preferably!


  1. oooh, sorry you had to deal with that. And particularly the "green passport carrying.." bit.

    First time here and belated happy bday to you oh!

  2. We all seem to have some kind of problem with ourselves, we blackins... I still wonder why that is!

  3. Solomon sydelle;Thanks for stopping by
    Princess X;I Wonder!

  4. Nice blog, my first time. Hope you'll update soon.

  5. okay babe. Time to update okay? Hope all is well.

  6. lol. black people, we are amazing yet preposterous but all is well though. I very much dislike travelling from Nigeria because of the nature of people you encounter but such is life. It's all good.

  7. this is really nice. we can't ever help being blackins... we are BLACKS!