Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 'Bad Boy' Complex

  1. Okay, there's this new boy in my class that i totally heart. i like him, like him so much it freaking hurts yet there are so many things that are not right about him ,the least of which is not that he's a bad boy.He's not all that bad but he drinks ,he clubs, he smokes not sure if he womanises.nope?[okay, i get it .He's a bad boy] And i am a good girl, i think I'm entitled to that[i am a virgin,aren't i?] So, what is it about good girls and very bad boys?(I'll probably do a research on it someday, call it the bad boy syndrome,get a Nobel prize Lol!] See, it's not that he's very cute. All that black bushy hair, the fashionable little goatie beard but that tall lanky frame,that easy grace in his own skin and those eyes that seem to drown you in them. Nope! highly overrated. His name is Y and from time to time, I'll find things to say, just so I'd call his name. In between drones of 'paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria', my thought center is engaged in thoughts of kissing, lots of kissing and more kissing. And today, my nerve endings are still being OD ed with bursts of epinephrine just from my little encounter with Y. So, here i was sitting jejelli in class, waiting with no particular anticipation for the lecturer scheduled for 'bone marrow failure 'when Y enters. it seems I'm connected to him by a weird transmission mechanism bcos na for my heart it dey pain me when i'm near him and when i hear his name, i'm involuntarily tossing my artificial braids. See me see wahala oh! i am so not this mushy, crushy,feely type.see what Y don turn me to oh. Anyways, he enters the class and my heart rate kicks up, the seat immediately beside me is empty and i'm hoping, praying wishing,(please come sit beside me, if only for today. God, pls give him to me today) It seemed i'd been particularly good because the next thing i knew, bad boy was standing right next to me, asking in his deep husky voice. 'Hi, is this seat taken?' i couldn't trust myself to speak i knew i'd say or do something embarrassing like say (SWOON!!) LOL! i nodded in affirmative pouting up my lips cutely (I'd practised that in the mirror a million times! just so u know) so he looks round the half full class probably searching for his clique. OK pause here, there's this clique thing you should know about. Medical students are not particularly the coolest people on the planet, In Med school,You'll find the most diverse variety of people ever. From the thirty somethings [i go get this certificate! no be doctor?],to the nerds with their overworn shirts and ties [i think the diagnosis is disseminated intravascular coagulation or polyarteritis nodosa].They were the kind of people you'd hate to be grouped with. They're so brilliant, they make you feel dumb[ and I'm in medical school so I'm definitely not dumb], then the minute cool guys of which my Y was an integral part. The cool/bad guys were five in number and it seemed they'd passed an interview to pick themselves out cos they so had lot of things in common. A] They all had similar names. Picture this, Two of them with the same pro names ;say adeyemi and adewole, then the other two had similar first names without the prefix;say adeyemi and olayemi, then the last one was called by only a shortened version of his last name. B) They were all addressed by their nicknames.Hence there was F, T.Whot, T.Dhobs and Coker. He sat dwn restlessly and turned to me,fixes me with his dashing smile Perfect Sugar Cookiesand declares 'I'm hungry' Actually, i'd pictured this moment a million times but never really like this! hungry? seriously! so i answer' I'm 'Sola, nice to meet you' he bursts into laughter and my toes curl. he thinks i'm really funny(aww). He's still laughing it out when his clique arrives and according to custom, he had to beckon them[spoiling my own chance for a nice romantic interlude] ' Hey, guys. over here!' he calls, so i promptly face my other side pretending to chat with my other girlfriends while actually listening to him with rapt attention. Y;'Oh boy, i dey tire oh. i no eat this morning at all' T.Dhobs; Go eat now! [Y glances at the lecturer still trying to set up the projector. ]'him, he no go see you. you for go right now, the boy blind' Y laughs and ignores his unserious friend. meanwhile, coker is staring at me across the space dividing us. 'Hey 'sola' he greets and i smile at him mainly for Y's benefit. i think coker likes me and he's kind of cute, even cuter than Y but he's not bad boy cute, the only kind of cute i like. Anyways, the lecture begins and somehow everyone of us is clustered together straining to hear Dr G's voice, [the guy is so boring he'd drive an insomniac to sleep] Okay, i'm bad but somehow, i'd forgotten[wink,wink] to put my hand bag as a demarcation between Y's seat and mine . Hence we were[ Breathe, 'sola] huddled together with his cotton pants nestling snugly against my cotton skirt, his shoulder brushing my side. i was essentially dominated by his 'cool blue' perfume and beleive me, i love scents, [scents drive me wild. ]oh!! i don't know ., i almost closed my eyes and moaned when he made, the move. you know that cinema move when the guy yawns and in between, insinuates his arms behind my back[ ok, not behind my back but on the chair,Hahn it still felt like my back!' ' so, sola, where are you from?' he whispers. ok, i av this habit, i don't know if it's prevalent but i kind of exhaust my vocabulary when being toasted. 'I don't know Y[told u i like saying his name] where u want it to be?' 'You're probably not born in nigeria' 'Ghana' i tease 'me too' he says. yeah right. we were essentially teasing each other. word flirting if you please when he asks me out. 'Alright, allright. he might not have particularly asked me out but he did say. ; 'There's a party going on tomorrow, it' for T.Dobs, do u wanna come?'' I blank, i totally blank, was he asking me out or just inviting me for his friends' party ?so i deviate.' T.Dobs?what's the occasion' Y; It's his birthday. he's turning twenty four.' 'oh my God, T.Dobs happy birthday in advance' it's a falsely cheery voice but in those moments i'd made a decision. 'so, are you coming?' ' 'isn't tomorrow a school night?' he nods. 'it is, but we'll be drinking dancing and having fun, i'm sure it beats him' he answered nodding at Dr G who'd by then was droning on and on. i was sorely tempted.Do something bad for once, skip school, dance overnight, meet some crazy guy, probably kiss my bad boy crush. But my deeply ingrained years of goodgirlship had me nooding my head and saying 'no, thanks . you guys have fun though.' He seemed surprised which was the good part, fine boy like him not used to hearing no, well he hadn't met this virgin yet! The bad part about the end of the lecture was that i had to relinquish the feel of his taut leg muscle [that's be the hamstrings] against mine.'i'll give you a rundown of the party tomorrow' he promises me, winking before he left with his clique and believe me, i couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. maybe this hard to get thing might just work out, who knows. [Mrs sola Y] OMG!, i'm in effing high school again!


  1. Lmao! I like ur blog. You remind me of Bumight for some reason. Maybe it's the Med school thing. I see you hyperventilating on sitting close to Y. lol. God help u nerds.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the constructive criticism. Not my story tho. Although, it's my fault that I always write in 1st person. I'll issue a disclaimer in my next post just for u ;-) Welcome to blogville, Mon Cherie!

  2. LMAO!!!!

    omg...I swear until u made it clear that you were in med school, i thot u were in ma class and it was me you were describing...pheew!

    dman I dun understand why its such a treat reading your blog...fun sha...keep it coming...

  3. Thanks Nefie[do i av permission to shorten it] but just so we're clear, i am not a nerd.(scratches head,'i think')and thanks Chari,you can relax now! Thank you all for following my blog.

  4. Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog. I know guys like Y. they put u at risk of losing all the good girl hormones and nerves in ur body. Be careful sweetie, if u want to remain a virgin for a while longer! But hey, enjoy this moment of crushing on him. he just might reciprocate ur feelings. ur medical terms almost had me racing for a medical dictionary!

  5. LMAO! I was also convinced u were describing chari but for the med school ish..

    Awwww this is really cute..im sure hes gonna continue from where he started, the girl who said "no"..haha!

    Babe, its a proven theory that bad boys attract good girls..its kinda magnetic..

  6. ahah i cnt believe u said no o lol
    but good point sha
    he must have bin shocked hehe

  7. wow,loving dis,i'm more than excited at dis blog i just found out...
    i love d fact that u're a virgin at 21,not bad...I guess dis days WE virgins dont shy anymore,big ups n still on ur case(still in Jan)

  8. Just because your a virgin doesnt mean your a "good girl". Being a virgin has nothing to do with good or bad. Grow up.