Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Was Tagged!

  • So, i've been unceremoniously tagged by buttercup. Ti's my first time of doing this. If it's some kind of initiation rite, here's hoping i pass. Here goes....
    ur cell phone? sitting quietly on my side table!
    • Where's ur significant other? somewhere in the world, hopefully searching for me as i am for him.
      Your hair colour? Shiny black when newly relaxed. dark brown on a dreary day.
      Your mother? Maami! i love her 'die'.
      Your father? where do i begin? a wealth of innate knowledge. A mobile encyclopedia, with his whip lash of words and his heart of gold.(And it's not a pathological condition oh!)
      Your favorite things; My Mac perfume[ A small bottle with the scent that's become my customized fragrance, my best friend swears he 'd know it was me ten miles away].oniro buruku![liar]. And the gold bracelet my mom got me for my eighteenth birthday.
      Your dream last night? Had to do with slapping a professor who called me a blockhead. Sure i don't want to share it!
      Your dream goal? Owning my own chain of hospitals providing reasonable health care for every Nigerian.Big dreams huh!
      The room you're in? My bedroom.It's my hostel(does it qualify?)
      Your hobby? playing basketball[fair player, not fantastic], novels, music and more books.
      where u wanna be in six years? I wanna be married! with a wonderful family. A working mother of one child(three more coming) just generally happy.
      Where were you last night? Hah, I was on my bed sleeping. Did i mention someone calling me a blockhead? Now i can laugh.
      What you're not? GAY!!!!!! I'm very straight.( hah hah)
      One of your wish list items; A CAR of my own. i'm not picky but nothing small cuz i'm kinda tall[no Volkswagen please and i don't care if it's the newest model] or Honda baby boy? [it's a naija slang}, a convertible or a 'be my wife'(BMW)would be nice though.
      Where you grew up? Here and there. Born in a small town called Osogbo in Osun state , a larger city called Ibadan, a larger country,the United States. Then back to Nigeria.
      Last thing you did? Climbed down up a flight of stairs because the elevator malfunctions. Nigeria!
      What are you wearing? A purple camisole.
      Your TV; Right in front of me, apparently asleep because the DSTv burnt down(a story for another day)
      Your pet; I don't do pets, i have a teddy bear though! does it count?
      Your computer? On my bed.
      Your mood; Get back to u on that one.
      Your car? Didn't I just wish for one? My father would not buy me a car for some reason, so he(Reluctantly!) lets me drive his Chevrolet truck[it's massive by the way, and very ugly.] But i sha thank God for it!
      Something you're not wearing? Shoes.
      Favorite store? This is Nigeria oh! We have stores with no names or worse yet, cheesy names like Collectibles, Shop right, Uche's place, Dress well! { okay, i just invented that one] LOL! But i like Victoria's secret, i just love underthings!
      Your summer?First of all, there's no summer in Nigeria! So, last year harmattan (Lol), spent parts with family in DC and the other part in my lovely naija med school, asking questions from ill people while being yelled at on a daily basis and all the while thinking! 'I've got to develop a thicker skin.'
      Love someone? Yes, lots! but nobody romantically at the minute.
      Your favorite colour? Light blue.
      Last time you laughed? Hmmm,twenty minutes ago. Y and T-Dhobs[my crush and his Bf] were just telling me about how Y got attacked by a canine. not sure if it's true or not but i was laughing so much my mouth hurt.
      Last time you cried?Cant recall. Oh yeah! Obama's inauguration.
      Are you a bitch? Well, nobody's called me one recently so i don't think so.
      Favorite pastime; Used to be writing. Recently,its surfing blogville reading blogs both old and new.
      Hater or lover; That'd be the latter(i think)
      Genuine or fake; I'm as real as real can be.
      Any vices? I'm kinda stubborn. it's hard to change my mind when it's made up.
      Pro life or wire hanger; In the context of justice, live and let live. But in some instances of clear cut evil. i can't help thinking if they deserve to live.
      Mccain or Obama; Naturally Obama.
      Pro-plastic or natural;Love natural, though trying unsuccessfully to break from the plastics.
      Dream job? making a living by writing!
      This is to thank Blogville for making me welcome. As a thank you gift, i'm tagging the first,[not previously tagged] five people who visited my blog.That'd be Nefertiti ,Allied,incognaija,Lil woman,and rethot. I'm also adding an additional question. 'What came first, the chicken or the egg mcmuffin?' (LOOOL! Sorry, the question just makes me crack up!)


  1. lol! the egg mcmuffin of course!

    First time here, so welcome to blogville!

  2. I really like your dream to own the chain of hospitals! Hope it becomes a reality. Ummm the chicken came first? right?

  3. "Where's ur significant other?..." Oops, you just found him.

  4. lol @ rethots..

    ur dstv burnt down????? how the...

  5. Rethot;Oh really? Send me your statistics. Buttercup, it's all explained in the post superior[above]to this one.Thanks for stopping by.

  6. NDQ. me too. should be the egg mcmuffin.